Advisors: Do You Suffer from “Smartest Kid in the Class Syndrome?”

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  • Josh Patrick

    The problem most advisors have is that they make themselves the hero of the stories they tell their clients. Clients don’t want us to be the heroes. They want us to help them solve their problems. For us to do that, we need to be the guide and not the hero.

    For those in the advice business, this is a challenge. We want to be seen as experts and we can’t show that unless we talk about the stuff we do. The truth is our that clients already expect us to be experts and it doesn’t take that much time to prove we know our stuff.

    95% of our communications need to be around what the transformation our clients want. Once they say yes, that’s what we want, then and only then can we start trotting out ideas that show how smart we are.

    Josh Patrick
    Stage 2 Planning Partners

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