Let’s Agree to Disagree


  • While I will always welcome the opportunity to “gain perspective from people from all walks of life, not just from those who share your own viewpoints”, I do not believe that a genteel “agreeing to disagree” approach should be taken when approaching the issue of a house burning down.

    Since this election represents a referendum on whether or not the American people approve of having a criminally culpable fascist dictator rather than a president, a somewhat more well-delineated stance is appropriate.

    Thomas G. Hedberg, MSc, PhD
    Executive Director, International Medical Crisis Response Alliance (IMCRA)

  • “Well, tomorrow shall be interesting. Might be a wild rollercoaster.”

    Managing Director–Top 30 CPA Firm

  • I think someone who has such strong opinions and is too much of a coward to address these issues directly loses their moral authority to question their opponent.

    I am sure those who “hate” Trump can draw all kinds of conclusions about the motives, the unintended consequences and the strategies. Name one President who could withstand the fiery darts hurled at Trump. I am not sure anyone could. This is a hatchet job by a coward. He is trying to make money off of innuendo. Just saying.

    — Dr. Guy Baker, Ph.D., Managing Director, Wealth Teams Alliance

  • I agree … we all need to advocate for courage when behaviors are not moral or ethical and realize it’s okay to agree to disagree.

    Karen Koch, Bedford Cost Segregation

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