Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey

The CPA/Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey™  2021 Report is available this Spring.

Each year, the CPA/Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey™  analyzes the insights and opinions of over 300 CPAs, estate attorneys and wealth advisors from throughout North America. Thought leaders and industry experts share their fears and optimism about the economy, financial markets, financial literacy and their own business growth expectations. Find out which types of advisors are most likely to expect double-digit growth in 2021 and learn what they’re doing differently from other advisors to attract and retain clients.  Download your complimentary 2021 report today.


    Despite the pandemic and gloom and doom headlines, financial advisors who are leaning into the crisis are still seeing plenty of opportunity.

    expect to show positive revenue growth in 2021—up from 74% before the pandemic surfaced.
    of high-growth firms find public speaking “extremely useful”—vs. 56% of low-growth firms.
    of high-growth find publishing books and bylined articles “extremely useful”—vs. 39% of low-growth firms.
    have new clients with out of date estate and gift plans—an immediate opportunity to remedy.
    believe college tuition would actually go down if student families could no longer tap their home equity—another planning opportunity.
    believe Millennials are the most pessimistic age group financially-speaking, with boomers not far behind.
    believe America’s financial literacy has been in improving since the crisis began.

    do NOT expect a recession within 12 months—down from 53% who did not fear a recession in 2019. But, still far more optimistic than what the general population and small business community expects.
    Despite the sobering economic, political and public health backdrop, certain CPAs, wealth advisors and estate planners remain optimistic—find out what they’re doing differently from you.

    About The Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey

    The Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey(tm) is conducted in the first quarter of every calendar year as a research partnership between CPA Trendlines, The Financial Awareness Foundation and HB Publishing & Marketing Company, LLC.

    CPA Trendlines
    With more than 200,000 followers, subscribers, and clients, CPA Trendlines is the largest independent community in the accounting profession. Its contributors are experts recognized in the profession as leading influencers, thought leaders, practitioners, professionals, and advisors.
    The Financial Awareness Foundation
    Our mission is to significantly improve financial awareness and literacy. The nonprofit serves as a nonpolitical “financial awareness advocate” for companies, professionals, educators and the general public.
    HB Publishing & Marketing
    Where words and numbers meet, HB provides financial institutions and professionals with expert ghostwriting, content marketing, and publicity services to optimize their thought leadership status and market visibility.

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      To what extent do you believe President Biden’s top federal capital gains rate of 39.6% will be passed?

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