Company overview

We are a hands-on content marketing and business development firm based in Norwalk, CT, just north of New York City. Since 1991, we have been dedicated to helping financial professionals and related trade associations optimize their thought leadership status, their profitability and their clarity of vision.
Think of us as your trusted on-demand collaborators—an extra set of hands—to help wealth advisors, estate planners, CPAs, insurance professionals and financial industry associations dramatically improve their client communications, industry visibility, client retention and new client (or member) acquisition efforts.
How we’re different

  • Unlike most creative agencieswe are as comfortable with numbers and financial statements as we are with words and images.
  • Unlike most creative agencieswe not only help you create stellar content for thought leadership and marketing purposes—we help you monetize your content through syndication, advertising and sponsorship.
Notice the HB logo. On the surface it represents the initials of our founder, Hank Berkowitz. But now look closer. As your eyes travel from left to right, you’ll see that our logo represents the transition from a straight linear (“left-brained”) mindset to one that is more curved and nuanced, ending in infinity—as in infinite possibilities.
Everyone has a creative side, no matter how analytical and logical you think you are. Let us help you tap into that power!
how can we help you?

Contact us or visit us at our Norwalk CT office

They never miss a beat. Keenly attuned to both the strategic and tactical opportunity. Fiercely reliable. A pleasure to work with.

Rick Telberg
President, Bay Street Group Research | CPA Trendlines East Hampton, NY

We are grateful for your contribution to our clients, COIs, prospective clients, friends and families. Thank you for providing meaningful text to add more clarity, greater insight and relevance to our weekly blog.

Gary Klaben
President, Coyle Financial Counsel, Glenview, IL

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