How We Do It

We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your personal values and goals, your niche in the market and your ideal clients. We then help you clarify your personal and practice development goals. With that foundation in place, we can develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that’s best suited to your unique communication style and preferred frequency, your bandwidth, your budget and your brand. We require NO long-term contracts or large upfront fees.

Many HB principals and clients have extensive athletic backgrounds. You’ll quickly see why teamwork, coach-ability, time management, punctuality, tenacity, focus and calmness under pressure are key tenets of our process and philosophy.

The HB process is not for everyone. But for those willing to make the commitment to excellence, we’ll help you achieve RESULTS like these.

Hank wealth management formula

To what extent do you believe President Biden’s top federal capital gains rate of 39.6% will be passed?

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