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Our mission is to help our clients substantially increase their take-home pay and business equity without compromising their values or time spent with family, friends and community.

If you’re looking for a magic formula, secret sauce or proprietary app to make you an instant thought leader, then you’ll be sorely disappointed with the HB process.

But, if you have a burning desire to win and are willing to put in the work, set the right foundation, follow our basic blocking and tackling techniques, and come prepared to your weekly Gut Check™ sessions, then you’ll have a positive outcome. That means you’ll be spending more of your time with the right kinds of clients, prospective clients and strategic partners—and less time at the office!

You have years of wisdom, experiences and expertise locked inside your brain. We have proven techniques for helping you extract that knowledge so you can share it efficiently with your clients, prospects, staff, strategic partners and centers of influence. Through our process, you’ll also learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and how you can best replicate your success rate.

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HB is extremely creative and they always bring practical, actionable ideas to the table. They have a pragmatic, efficient approach to helping us refine our message in a clear and concise voice that resonates in today’s ‘get-to-the point’ requirement in order to be heard. They do all of this within the larger (strategic) picture of building our brand and broadening our reach.

Randy Hubschmidt
Managing Partner, Fortis Wealth, Valley Forge, PA

HB has the unique ability to blend together multiple disciplines in a creative and organized way. [Founder] Berkowitz brings his many gifts to a project and always delivers on his value proposition.

Guy Baker
Managing Director | Ph.D., Wealth Teams Alliance, Irvine, CA

To what extent do you believe President Biden’s top federal capital gains rate of 39.6% will be passed?

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