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  • Hank Berkowitz


    over 25 years of editorial, sales and management experience in the publishing and online information industries. He has run successful media ventures in the...

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  • Rich Chernela

    Senior Media Relations Consultant. For three decades, Rich has helped financial services firms, law firms, public and private corporations, associations, government...

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  • Patricia Creedon


    A graphic design and brand building expert, Patricia Creedon has helped a wide range of financial professionals create impactful books, ebooks, white papers...

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  • Mark Klimek

    Editor, Content Development

    For over 20 years, Mark Klimek has been an expert content shaper, editor and writing coach for thought leaders in the financial services industry. His articles,...

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  • Steve D. Rappaport

    Research, Social Media

    Steve D. Rappaport is a widely followed advertising industry researcher, forecaster and strategist. Co-author of The Online Advertising Playbook and the ARF...

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  • Brooke Sessions

    Video Production

    30 years of experience as an award-winning network and independent television director, associate director and producer

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  • Adam Strominger

    Sales & Sponsorship

    Adam spent several years as a business development manager the Trusts & Estates magazine. Responsibilities included cultivating strategic

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  • Mike Walker

    Sales & Sponsorships

    20 years of experience in the financial services arena. He is an expert at helping business-to-business, association

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  • Eric Wynne

    Sales & Sponsorships

    Eric Wynne has more than 30 years of experience in advertising and sponsorship sales in both consumer and B2B media. He is the president of New York-City based...

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They never miss a beat. Keenly attuned to both the strategic and tactical opportunity. Fiercely reliable. A pleasure to work with.

Rick Telberg
President, Bay Street Group Research | CPA Trendlines East Hampton, NY

We are grateful for your contribution to our clients, COIs, prospective clients, friends and families. Thank you for providing meaningful text to add more clarity, greater insight and relevance to our weekly blog.

Gary Klaben
President, Coyle Financial Counsel, Glenview, IL

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