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  • When to Use i.e. Instead of e.g. - Sometimes I regret that I didn’t take Latin in high school. But there was only one Latin teacher to choose from in our small school. Supposedly he was a monster, i.e., he was a brutal grader, with a bad temper and breath to match. Still, it would have been good to know the derivation of… Read More
  • Where vs. In Which? - A well-known financial professional seemed to be hedging her bets in a recent piece she sent to us for review. Right off the bat, three sentences rubbed me the wrong way (but apparently not her Marcom team): It's a win-win situation where the firm can provide higher-quality services, and the clients achieve better financial outcomes.… Read More
  • That or Which? - A well-known financial advisor recently asked us to update the manuscript for a book she published a few years ago. In the opening acknowledgements, three sentences using the word “which” didn’t seem right to me: “There are still a myriad of products which simply must be purchased through traditional selling methods.” “We can only sell… Read More

Berkowitz published in U.S. government book about Opportunity Zones

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