In the Financial Advisory Space? Stop Using These 7 Words


  • Here are a couple more of my pet peeves.

    “Should” – I hate it when people should all over me.

    “But” — This turns what you said in the first part of the clause into the opposite of what you said. I really like that outfit, but it would look better if you did x.

    Josh Patrick
    Sr. Advisor
    Stage2Planning Partners

  • Oh thank you for this!

    That goddam “space” term has metastasized everywhere in pharma so there’s now progress in the “lung cancer space” as well as in the “innovative idea space”

    As regards Grammarly and other dementing AI writing tools I’m for sending them all into Space. We give nerve damaged patients a crutch to help them while the leg heals and the muscles strengthen, not to help them atrophy. The deterioration of the English language is beyond belief at this point so why are we helping writers to become even more clueless?

    You talk about “added value” and “low hanging fruit” not too bad as they are cutey metaphors which give a mental picture of what you’re after. What ignites my rockets is idiotic terms like:

    • I’m out of pocket for the rest of the day – What? You’re broke for the rest of the day? No, you are actually “out of the office”. Get it right.

    • It’s like preaching to the choir – Utterly meaningless. The choir sings, that’s it. What you want to not do is “preaching to the converted” as that is the waste of time you are trying to put your finger on.

    • The boat driver was attacked by this gentleman with a club – You mean the pilot or the helmsman was attacked by a criminal. Few club-wielding attackers are, in fact, gentlemen.

    • At the end of the day that’s what has to happen – End of what day? Where? What time zone? You mean “ultimately”?

    Thomas G. Hedberg, MSc, PhD
    Executive Director, International Medical Crisis Response Alliance (IMCRA)

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