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  • AG Asset Advisory
  • Bedford Cost Segregation
  • BizBash
  • Coyle Financial Counsel
  • CPA Trendlines
  • CEG Worldwide
  • Customer Benefits Analytics
  • Efficient Wealth Management
  • Fortis Wealth Partners LLC
  • ​Holthouse, Carlin, Van Tright CPAs, LLP
  • Independence Advisors, LLC
  • James Capital Advisors
  • L&H CPAs and Advisors
  • Lansing Street Advisors
  • Mansfield Equities
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC)
  • Naylor Association Solutions
  • Nazareth CPAs Global Accountants
  • New York Society of Securities Analysts (NYSSA)
  • Palumbo Wealth Management
  • Pennsylvania Capital Management
  • Premier Trust Advisors
  • Retirement Advisors, Inc.
  • Soundmark Wealth Management
    Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals
  • Two Hawks Consulting
  • UBS Group AG
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HB is extremely creative and they always bring practical, actionable ideas to the table. They have a pragmatic, efficient approach to helping us refine our message in a clear and concise voice that resonates in today’s ‘get-to-the point’ requirement in order to be heard. They do all of this within the larger (strategic) picture of building our brand and broadening our reach.

Randy Hubschmidt
Managing Partner, Fortis Wealth, Valley Forge, PA

HB has the unique ability to blend together multiple disciplines in a creative and organized way. [Founder] Berkowitz brings his many gifts to a project and always delivers on his value proposition.

Guy Baker
Managing Director | Ph.D., Wealth Teams Alliance, Irvine, CA

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