Why you need to be on Linkedin

Why Professionals Need to Be on LinkedIn
Social media doesn’t kill businesses. Lousy posts do

by HB Publishing & Marketing Company staff
Some interesting research came across our radar this week and we wanted to summarize if for you below. Social media doesn’t kill businesses. Lousy posts do. Our blog also has more on this topic.
So whether you love it or hate it, you can’t ignore social media. But at the same time, you can’t be all things to all people. Like most professionals, you’re overwhelmed and a little frustrated by the amount and time and effort it takes to keep up with all your networks. We suggest keeping LinkedIn on your “must do” list before you start trimming all the “nice to haves.” A recent HubSpot study of more than 5,000 businesses found that, LinkedIn was 277 percent more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.
We’re not bashing the other popular social networking channels, but if you have to “heavy up” on a single social networking channel, then LinkedIn will probably give you the best bang for your time buck if you’re at least reasonably well-established in your profession or industry.
As Wall Street Journal’s Kate Mitchell reported, “the quickest way to earn respect and build a reputation on all social media, including LinkedIn, is to showcase your knowledge on topics relevant to your business. Don’t confuse this with only pushing your own agenda, but rather contributing a distinct point of view on topics relevant to your industry.”
LinkedIn has an extensive network of groups where thought leaders post discussions relevant to a particular market or topic. Furthermore, you can create your own groups to lead discussions. For example, a report by Forrester and LinkedIn notes that nearly three in five (59%) IT decision makers “rely” on social networks for purchasing decisions, yet many companies don’t take advantage of the lead generation that can come from customizing their LinkedIn page.
You can’t stop marketing right now just because you’re flush with leads and cash. Just choose your investments wisely and pick your fights where you can win them. And by all means, if you haven’t given your best employees the raises and promotions they deserve. Do so ASAP or they’ll be out the door before you can say, “brain drain.” 
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