Consulting and marketing communications firm

CLIENT: Consulting and marketing communications firm

CHALLENGE: Firm serves niche professional market and must rely heavily on its principals to develop business and serve clients. Firm’s business was not scalable because principals had a finite number of “billable” hours and work product too specialized to be outsourced or completed by junior staffers.

SOLUTION: After conducting an audit of firm’s intellectual capital we discovered a treasure trove of customer surveys, polls and market studies that had never been aggregated or monetized. We developed a strategy for re-packaging the firm’s existing research into timely 10-20 page white papers and market research reports that are now being marketed to the firm’s 80,000+ professional mailing list and are being sold exclusively via e-commerce engine on the firm’s Web site.

RESULT:  The firm now has a 24/7 revenue stream that generates up to 10% of its monthly income even when principals are traveling, on vacation, at client locations or have no more available billable hours to offer.
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