Venture-backed, early-stage business intelligence software company

CLIENT: Venture-backed, early-stage business intelligence software company

CHALLENGE:  Complex business intelligence software was developed by company’s tech-trained founders before testing its feasibility in the marketplace.  Early marketing collateral and sales materials were laden with tech-speak rather than on benefits for its target customers global pharmaceutical, medical device and bio-tech companies.  Suffered from big disconnects its technology team and its sales, marketing and client support teams.

SOLUTION:  After working closely with founders, technology team and sales team, we developed robust, but plain language descriptions (and pictures) of the software and its real-world applications that customers , journalists, analysts and the sales team could easily comprehend and communicate.

RESULT:  A four-fold increase in sales appointments and demos within six months. Company now has 100+ employees.  Installed base increasing at double digit rates, including 12 of 20 largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
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