Helping Clients with Chronically Ill Children


  • Yes, this is a real challenge, and it is also very prevalent with adult children caring for elderly parents, other family members, and friends.

    As you know the ultra-wealthy create ‘family offices’ and hire employees to help with these and other ‘life events’ and assist with managing family members’ personal finances. As the average family usually cannot afford this, but they can see their family unit (parents, kids, grandparents) as a close family group and have annual family meetings to discuss family finances and the challenges of the family members. This can be a wonderful way to help build and preserve wealth for the next generations. This is also MUCH easier said than done, especially with we are dealing with a lack of financial awareness, and dealing with the financial illiteracy epidemic. As we’ve discussed this is not only a domestic challenge but a global one.

    Valentino Sabuco, Executive Director
    The Financial Awareness Foundation

  • A very timely article. And to add to it…all of these families need to have their own estate plans in order to provide for backup guardians and trustees for all children, especially those with illnesses.

    Hyman G. Darling
    Bacon Wilson, P.C.

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