Writing: The First Step for Successful Innovation

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  • Ahh yes, writing. Wonderful, good, fulfilling; you are organizing, practicing cognitive enhancement, immortalizing your thoughts.

    Publishing. alas, that is a different story. We can get our writings out in blog posts, Facebook tales, Twitter blasts, and a myriad other internet-mediated forums…just like a million others, with a sizeable proportion of those the work of low-grade troglodytes who cannot even assemble a sentence accurately or spell even a minimum of their words correctly. Not particularly fulfilling, particularly in an age when any piece of idiocy can receive viral and global attention.

    But publishing our writings in respectable peer-reviewed journals, news platforms, books and compendia; that is a different story altogether. The chances of getting a high-quality but unsolicited OpEd into the New York Times has been recently and accurately compared to getting hit by a bolt of lightning on a clear day in April. Here you need inside contacts, prior recognition, powerful friends and persistence, persistence, persistence.

    For every published Hemingway there are 100 unpublished Hemingways writhing in frustration with material just as good or better. Don’t give up, just prepare for a long hard battle

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